The Prayer Group Santa Barbara California is located in Lompoc, which is a city in the Santa Barbara County in the Californian state of the United States.

We were founded in the late 19th century by a group of religiously insightful people in the city where they are still located. The prayer group is well known throughout the county and people from across the state come to visit and meet them from time to time. The prayer group keeps on flourishing with time and the number of people in the group keeps on increases with each day and week that pass by.


Christians often pray in groups because it is considered healthy in more ways than one. One reason for doing that is that most people believe they do not pray as much as they should, and therefore, they start praying in groups so that they go an extra mile in it. Further more, group prayers are a great cause of harmony amongst the shared believers. This helps in bringing the Christians of shared believes closer and to bond them.

You are welcome to join us, even if you have not found god yet. Jesus is there for you. He loves you very much!